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Lower Zone Loops Relationship With Completion of Projects

..You need to recruit a candidate who will be responsible to handle and manage your upcoming projects….

…If you found short lower loops on your candidate’s handwriting, that actually reflects he has lack of energy to complete tasks that need to be completed in a shorter duration. This is so as he may lose the interest and is discouraged. Do take note also on the pressure of his lower loops…

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Would You Recruit Her? – She Writes Near to the Left Margin With Wide Right Margin

When you find this style of handwriting on her handwriting sample, this means that the candidate is more comfortable to be in her past than being in the present or moving towards the future. Normally this type of candidate will be uncomfortable doing things that are new to her or being in places that are unfamiliar. She limits herself to do things that she feels uncomfortable.

So, would you select this candidate to go through the second stage of the interview? … Find out here….


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Criticisms – Cannot Take it? Avoid It. If Not, Improve on It.

June 16, 2011 1 comment

…As a criticizer, you have to be sensitive on the receiver’s response. Stop the conversation if you find that it could lead to an argument or violence. Most of the time, you could sense it. On the other hand, if the person seems to be able to accept it, maintain your tone and momentum of diplomacy. Speak with diplomacy to avoid appearing as though you are pinpointing the negative aspects of his personality. Speak with respect and you will receive more positive response out of it…Read more

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