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Probably you would have experience that there are no chances for you to eliminate your weaknesses, and you felt that there is something within you that has been a barrier to try your goals. However, you have no idea what it is. Is it you or external factors.


Apart from understanding yourselves through your life experiences, one of the ways which will help to understand the underlying factors will be through your handwriting.

Have you ever wondered the reasons sometimes you just could not think positively on some aspects of your life, or maybe if you want to try something like continuing your education, you have this overwhelmed thoughts telling you that you do not have enough money or lack of capability such as time, competency etc.

Well, in graphology one of the traits to check is the baseline sloping in your handwriting. If your baseline is declining downwards, you could have this negative thoughts lingering in your mind that could have explained the reasons behind your thinking pattern. This is not a permanent trait that one could not do something with it.

With Graphotherapy, a technique to identify and change/improve a specific handwriting strokes will assist individuals to engage their mind to improve a certain trait that might have a negative impact to the way they think, feels, and do.

Grapholistic International runs handwriting analysis workshops, corporate requests for customised workshops, events analysis and personal consultations to encourage individuals to develop their personality and personal effectiveness. With this, we aim to motivate individuals to think and look at problems they encounter and their dreams in a positive aspect.

To find out more, email us at or Contact Us at: +65-82008775 for detailed quotation.

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