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Schussler’s Biochemistry Article: Magnesia Phosphorica (Mag.Phos)

Written By: S.Sulianah DHMS,DSB,B.A Psych & Mktg Mgmt,DHA (19 March 2014)

It has been quite a long time I did not write about Biochemic Schussler’s remedies. Since an interesting situation occurs awhile ago, I would like to share a short one here. Few moments ago, I had tried the effect of Magnesia Phosphorica 6X on my 5 months old niece. I have been investigating the effect of this remedy since I found out about its existence during my course of study years ago.

Below is a short Synopsis of Magnesia Phosphorica (Mag. Phos)

Mag. Phos 6X is one of Schussler Biochemic remedies. It is the 8th remedy out of 12.

Mag. Phos’ molecules are found in white fibres of our nerves and muscles. Nerves and muscles consists of strands of fibres with different colours. Each of it functions as a conductible power for certain functions. The white fibres are in fact control by the molecular function of magnesia cell salt. So when this salt deficiency occurs, the white fibres will contract and this is when spasms or cramps occur. How it works on stomach? When there is deficiency on the walls of the stomach where there are muscular tissue, the white fibres draw up and contract reducing the stomach cavity. Gas is then produced to react and prevent collapse, and by expansion produced a counter force.

Mag. Phos is a remedy suitable for muscles, bloated abdomen due to excess air, stomach cramps and other stomach related problems. It is a proven remedy to reduce the pain in menstrual cramps. From my years of implementing and experimenting its effect, for menstrual cramps, it works very well with Kali Phosphoricum. Apart from that, whenever you could feel that the body is lacking of proper blood circulation, it compliments well if taken with Ferrum Phosphate.

Even though sometimes you feel lack of energy and tired after a day of stress, Mag. Phos can be taken before sleep with Kali Phosphoricum or once in awhile with Calcarea Phosphorica.

My niece had been crying badly for nearly an hour and my family members suspected it has something to do with her stomach which had happened before. This is due to the fact that whenever they massaged her abdomen part, she tends to relax slightly. Therefore, I told my dad (who is also a Homeopathic Practitioner), that we should try Mag. Phos on her.

I had mixed Mag. Phos 6X tincture with a small portion of her eucalyptus oil and apply it on her stomach. While my dad mixed the crushed Mag. Phos globules into a plain drinking water. I then told my mum to apply it on her lips and let my niece sip it subtly. Mixing tincture in plain water is an alternative method to avoid choking for babies.

In less than five minutes, she kept quiet and doze off to sleep.

Biochemistry and Homeopathic remedies will work well if it is applied appropriately in respect to the condition of patients. It needs detailed observation before application. If applied properly, it will work wonders.

Disclaimer: Please prescribe remedies with your homeopathic practitioner’s advice. Though Homeopathic and Biochemistry remedies do not contain drugs, it is advisable to seek advice before consuming it.

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About the Writer, S.Sulianah (www.grapholistic.com)

As a qualified Schussler Biochemic and Homeopathic Practitioner, certified with Diploma in Homeopathic Medical Science by The Homeopathic Academy Council of Malaysia, and Diploma in Schussler Biochemistry by Institute of Homeopathy America.

S.Sulianah had been exposed to various experiences with a favorable number of clients during the course of study and for the past few years. The first challenging case that she had embarked during the process of completing her study was a case of fibroid growth.

S.Sulianah had conducted detailed researches and from the vast assistance from her helpful and knowledgeable professors, experienced homeopaths and even dedicated course mates, she managed the case with success. It took a number of months to achieve the positive results. Positive changes occurred, and that had motivated her to keep learning about Homeopathy.

Knowing and practicing homeopathy is a demanding and complex ambition to achieve. It has to complement with aspects such as understanding humans behaviours, detailed observations, tactful questioning and passion to understand the characters of more than 2,000 homeopathy remedies. It is not just understanding the clients, but also the remedies. To that, she believes in the application of education related to human beings to improve the quality of consultation as long as it helps to understand her patients better.

Due to this, she applied the remarkable science of graphology (handwriting analysis) in her consultations selectively.

Awarded a Diploma in Handwriting analysis from International Correspondence Schools-USA, its application has been an interesting and helpful tool to understand her clients better. The Science of Handwriting Analysis, on the other hand, had assisted her in human resource management practice to communicate with people better and selecting employees for organizations.

In order to add in more value in her consultation services, she graduated from her studies in Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Marketing Management from Murdoch University. Applying her studies in psychology with experience in handwriting analysis had appealed her presence in practicing this remarkable science.

She had attended a lecture on Personnel and Children’s Handwriting with The London College of Graphology. She is also a member of International Grapho-Analysis Society,Inc (IGAS).

Link to original article source: http://grapholistic.com/homeopathyarticle.html

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