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THE FOUNDATION: Holistic Disposition

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THE FOUNDATION: Holistic Disposition

Written By: S.Sulianah


Building our character in an appropriate way is a vital process in which we would not be able to understand its importance until we reflect it in the later stage in our life.

At times, it is not merely about being the best person at the highest point. It comes with how you could withstand the challenges throughout the journey, sustaining and appreciating.

I would like to add that sometimes we need not be with the most comfortable person to work well with. Partners that boast, brag, criticize and not thoughtful will not let your mind grow. And of course, it will be a star-point if you could have all the amazing things in life though. Value it! ….

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GRAPHOLISTIC was established in 16 May 2005, aims to motivate our clients to understand their own personality.
An essence to an optimistic lifestyle and self-esteem.

Our business model prioritizes the concept of embracing hidden strengths while improving the limitations. We reach to
our clients through sharing of knowledge and exclusive consultations.

Our main operation is in Singapore. We serve clients worldwide with a network of specialised experts Graphologists in Australia, UK, Europe, NYC, Los Angeles, India, Indonesia & Malaysia.

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