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Graphotherapy – Is it Real?

April 19, 2012 2 comments

Have you ever thought that is unbelievably weird that we could actually change or improve our personality by changing our handwriting? Yes, I thought that way too years back. That was around eight years ago when I learnt about it.

How Graphotherapy works?

Simply, Graphotherapy is in fact a therapy whereby you could change specific handwriting strokes. Changing it effectively involves point of writing that will ‘ignite’ your brain through your veins. This process should work in chorus with words of motivation or affirmative phrases. To whom shall it be expressed? That is to you. The Real You within You.

This is in fact one of the interesting approaches to improve in your personality. In order to be overwhelmed by the results, you need patience. You need to constantly practice and consciously encourage yourself to achieve the optimum results. Remember that we had lived with ourselves for years therefore expecting an immediate overnight results is absolutely a “not at all can be change in a week”.

There are a number of simple traits in our handwriting that we could change. This includes your signature which I had highlighted in my recent write-up ‘Signature and You’. I mentioned on the type of signatures one should avoid, and presenting those which are healthy and bold. A point that you need to remember is that you should not change your handwriting without consulting any graphologists. Please ensure that you are advised on your personality before any graphotherapy suggestions are shared with you.

Handwriting Samples

Let me show you examples on interesting traits that could be changed through graphotheraphy.

Downward Baseline – Pessimism/Depression/Illness

Observe the following handwriting sample which is similar to an author, E.Hemingway (1889-1961). (I decided not to publish the actual handwriting due to copyright issues,unless for my workshops.) He was the author for the popular novel ‘A farewell to Arm’, while ‘The Old Man and The Sea’ had won Pulitzer Prize in 1953. His actual handwriting shows enthusiasm and self-confidence trait on his t-bar and the organized presentation of his handwriting.

On the other hand, you will notice the downward baseline as above on his actual handwriting.  From his biography, it was mentioned that he had experienced depression, ill-health and a deteriorating life since a plane crash accident at the later stage of his life. Experiencing the downfalls, it was reported that he had committed suicide.

An extreme downward baseline like his signifies depression.

On the other hand, a moderate downward baseline tells you about one’s negative outlook towards life and being pessimistic about it.

Moderate Upward Baseline – Positive Outlook, Optimism

Now, compare Hemingway’s handwriting with the following example.

This is an admirable example of healthy and positive with confidence handwriting. (I could not show the actual handwriting of the example as I have not received the confirmation from the individual to publish it as sample). However, the handwriting is similar to the following. Written in moderate upward baseline).

As cited in an interview, she had experienced several challenges in her career initially. She constantly motivate herself to be positive in her thinking and outlook on her career.

Excerpt from the interview:
She says, an individual has to do something which he has passion on. Try out different things if still unsure about it until he finds the right one for him.

With her optimism and love on what she likes, she is now a director for the one of the sections in the magazine.

Check Your Handwriting

Now it is time to check whether you have been writing upwards or downwards. Firstly before you change your downward baseline to a moderate upward or a moderate straight (not rigid); ask yourself whether what was highlighted is somewhat similar to any experiences you had encountered in your life. If it is, you can still do something about it.

On the other hand, in any case you have this in your mind now:
Why should I change my handwriting? Shouldn’t it be natural and unique from others?  That was a highlight from one of the participants in my workshop. This is one of the reasons normally I will not unnecessarily suggest graphotherapy for all my clients/participants. As analysis is supposed to be done holistically, not just by simply identifying one to two traits, we do not unnecessarily suggest Grahotherapy. That is why normally I do not highlight my participants/clients to improve or change their handwriting pressure, downstrokes, i-dots etc. Common ones are related to the way an individual thinks such as baseline, t-bar, signatures and a few others.

Now, try it.


Just remember that, Graphotherapy practice will be significant in your personality development provided that you have positive mindset about it. You have to also work hand in hand by saying to yourself positive encouraging words to psycho your mind. Use powerful positive words such as; ‘Any problems which I encounter in my life are something that I would be able to solve and overcome it as long as I am optimistic about it’ etc.

Remember that definitely it will work well complementary with other skills development, self-effectiveness skills, your experiences and knowledge. Remember that is why our life is called ‘life’.  If you only rely on one method, and ignore other ways to improve and develop your personal self, it is like you are expecting only to meet one person in your life and depend on only him/her to make you happy.

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