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Handwriting Pressure and Your Determination

April 26, 2013 Leave a comment

The pressure in your handwriting is not just a measure of whether someone can decipher what you write and whether it is clear enough. In graphology, pressure of a writing helps to identify the individual’s degree of determination, energy level to complete tasks, consistency in decision making and your emotion and behaviour.

If you study more in depth the effort and energy you apply in your handwriting, you could see whether the pressure and ink is constant throughout the writing. If it starts with darker ink and then tends to fade, it defines your determination that tend to decrease with time. However, if the writing is back to how you started earlier towards the end of the word/sentence, it shows how you could make yourself get back to your feet and finish what you started. Though there are challenges or external factors that could disrupt your way to perform the tasks/goals, you will make sure that you will overcome it.

So, if you are writing right now, try to observe the way you write and the effort you put in to ensure the words are not fading. And ask yourself whether the science of the definition of the above is accurate.

I will define further on pressure in my upcoming articles. This is just a brief kickoff introductory write-up. There are more highlights on the topic of pressure.

Full handwriting analysis is more accurate than just briefly analysing your handwriting on your own without a graphologist’s interpretation. 

“Finish what you start. If you can’t, stop for awhile, and continue again. Eliminate the word ‘give-up’ in your dictionary”…S.Sulianah

Written By: S.Sulianah
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