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RECRUIT THE RIGHT EMPLOYEE with Graphology & Psychology Methods

October 3, 2013 Leave a comment

If you are a Human Resource practitioner or mere employer who needs to constantly recruit new employees for your organisation, did you realise that one of the most challenges in your line of work is recruiting new employees. At times, employees will either tender resignation in less than a year, or the worst case scenario is they abscond.

You must be wondering why this happens even though you had recruited that candidate with the best of everything from qualification to experience and qualification to experiences again.

If you are practising interviews, meeting with the candidates more than once, that is one of the good practices. Even though it might not confirm that you will be able to retain the candidate for the position, it is in fact a good practice for you to understand them more. Naturally, on second interviews, candidate will unconsciously open up themselves which could be completely closed during the first interview. Matter of fact, you could not even know them from the first interview. You might realised that every questions you asked would be replied perfectly a “Yes” or “No, definitely I will not do that”. We could not blame the candidates for that aspects as naturally everyone of us would like to show our best sides so that we can be that chosen candidate.

However, since we are looking at the perspective of the employer, how can we reduce the impact of choosing the wrong candidate. What shall we do?

Based on my observations and the past years practicing HR and providing graphology and motivational consultancy, the first factor you actually have to ask yourselves is, what is your objective of the recruitment exercise. Sometimes you might not even have that in mind. Recruitment is not just taking in people to fill the empty position. There should have a long term plan to that. Are you recruiting candidate who can fill the position for only 1-2 years or you would like to develop this person so that he/she will be a positive significance to the company and expand with your business. Ask yourselves or your employers this main question. Once you know your objective, then you can start listing the criteria of the candidate. This is when you will notice that the list in fact are more driven towards the type of personalities compared to qualification or experiences.

Ensure that the personality of the person not only list what he/she is required to possess to act on the position. This person should have the initiative, driven towards their aims and goals to be successful not just a passive person, honesty, confidence in communication and mainly their interest on the job.

Although these personalities can be observed from their handwriting such as in letters “o”, “t”, spaces between lines and words, legibility, signatures and many others, I would suggest that you should also look into asking your candidates questions that challenge their thoughts and scenario situations. Normally, I will asked with reference to the personalities identified through their handwriting. From here, observe the way they response it not just what is the contents of their responses. Observe their eye movements, voice tones, hands movements and body language. From all these aspects, you could sense their honesty, confidence, and gauge on their character and interest.

Apart from that, do also observe whether that person is too persistent with what they want. From my experience, if the candidates kept calling your company after the interview, 4 out of 5 normally will end up not joining you when you decided to recruit them. They seems interested but probably they might not even know what they want.

Therefore, if you are still unsure whether the individual is suitable for the position, take your time and call them for subsequent interviews to assure your decision and do perform reference checks. Combinations of various methods will enhance positive results for your recruitment exercise.

Cite a research conducted by a psychologist Herb Greenburg, President of Marketing Research and Survey Corporation regarding the factor that constitutes a job success of an employee. He had reviewed over 350,000 employees from more than 7,000 companies, the study results reflected that personality is actually the most important factor in a job success not education, not experience, not age, gender or race.
Therefore, if that candidate or your present employee has that exceptional positive personality, experience, good education, and attitude he/she is a bonus to your organisation. They will be a vital asset to you in the short and long term. So, remember to cherish your employees’ efforts and the real good ones will definitely appreciate you and your organisation.
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Writer’s Profile:
S.Sulianah, founder of Grapholistic Int’l has been practicing graphology and HR officially since the past 12 years. Few years before that she merely analysed peers and explore the concept of graphology.

With extensive studies and experiences, she assisted organisations to recruit employees, and provides consultancy to individuals for personality development with application of Graphotherapy. She believes that if an individual can understand their personal self and other’s, he/she could reduce conflicts and communicate effectively.

S.Sulianah holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & Marketing Mgmt and Diploma In Handwriting Analysis .
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Featuring our New Enhance Website and Logo

January 13, 2013 Leave a comment

We are featuring our new enhance website for handwriting analysis/graphology services. It is added with more upcoming articles and various research related to graphology, human behaviour and psychology.


Apart from that, we had enhanced our logo. We are looking forward that readers and individuals interested in subject of handwriting analysis / graphology, psychology and human behaviour will find our site informative.


Graphotherapy – Is it Real?

April 19, 2012 Leave a comment

Graphotherapy – Is it Real?.

Signature and You

April 3, 2012 1 comment

Your signature is you in public’s perspective, while your main text is your personal inner character. Below is a real case situation on how important a signature means in your personality.


Ask him about any general knowledge or discuss news in your conversation, expect that he will speak confidently about it. He will be able to argue the thoughts and ideas about your viewpoints. He could relate it to facts and others’ ideas with certainty and poise. Accompanied by his pleasant personality, you will feel comfortable whenever you are with him.

I had a glimpse of his handwriting a number of times to confirm whether my random observation is correct. Without doubt, his handwriting did reflect his strengths in analyzing situations and responding to his thoughts comprehensively in communication. As expected he has a moderate self-esteem as reflected in his handwriting.

Everything him was fine until one day, a situation occurred that call for him to decide on how to handle his personal problems back at his hometown while continue acquiring the opportunities he had to pursue his career at the organization he is in.

For three uncomfortable weeks back at his hometown, he could not come out with a decision whether he would like to pursue his career or stay back there. One day, he had finally returned back to the organization. Thinking that he had already decided, his employer had arranged for him to run a project. However, on that same day, right at the end of the day, he told his employer about the problem his encountered with his family. He seemed worried and full of uncertainties about his decision. After hours of meeting, his employer had finally decided for him instead.  He was instructed with diplomacy to tender resignation and return to his hometown.

On the day of signing the cessation of employment document, I took the opportunity to asked several questions that could lead me to an answer on my perspective of this individual. He seems to be different compared to who I had known initially.

While I was thinking about it, I then noticed something. Something that did not crossed my mind initially. I saw this right away when he started to sign on the first doc. That was his signature. I was speechless. Yes, speechless. I looked at it again the second time he signed another document. I could not say a word.  I remembered that my mind was just boggling through analyzing the whole situation that had happened, and the significance of his signature.

This sample below is exactly how his signature looks like. (Image is for illustration)


With a simple signature, he had ended the last letter striking backwards to the left instead of ending it which is supposed to be at the right. Simply, this signifies someone who mainly thinks and talks about his past and will tend to go backwards instead of moving forward. Normally, they will tend to talk about what happened to them in their past, their failures or experiences instead of highlighting or moving forward to change it. They dwell about their past. Apart from that they could even have feelings of guilty towards incidents that had happened before that they could not leave it. The signature also reminds me of a story that one had rejected a promotion because he thinks that his present effort is not yet worth the raise.

I was thankful that I could share this recent incident to a group of participants for a graphology workshop which I was invited to present.  They were stunned by the fact that signature itself played a vital role in one’s communication and perception towards themselves and life.  Even though most of the participants had a signature that projects their optimism and confidence, I hope they could see this perspective as a sound case in point.

So, do remember to check your signature right away. Just ensure that your signature is not having a falling baseline, strike-through, and the one as above case and few other undesirable signatures one should avoid. Graphotherapy will definitely helps.

Image  Image  Image


Sign with confidence and boldness. Your Signature is you in the public’s eye.




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Lower Zone Loops Relationship With Completion of Projects

..You need to recruit a candidate who will be responsible to handle and manage your upcoming projects….

…If you found short lower loops on your candidate’s handwriting, that actually reflects he has lack of energy to complete tasks that need to be completed in a shorter duration. This is so as he may lose the interest and is discouraged. Do take note also on the pressure of his lower loops…

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